Genre:video sculpture | Exhibiting institution:MAC Musée d'art contemporain, Lyon / France | Year of creation:2007 | City/Country:Kassel / Germany |
Location:Kassel / Deutschland | Material:fridge for single (aspect ratio of the door – 16:9), groceries | Medium:mini-DV, 16:9, PAL | Equipment:projector on a tripod, DVD player, speakers | Duration:2 min., loop |

The video is projected on a refrigerator door, which records a process of filling this refrigerator with food. The actual duration of the process counts exactly two minutes, starting from the moment when the refrigerator was still completely empty until the moment when it was completely filled up. The video was shot in two passes (one minute each) so that the order of the first and second parts were rearranged. In the end, the viewer always sees two different video sequences that constantly overlap each other: one sequence reproduces the primary procedure, and the other reproduces the procedure that was performed with one minute to spare. It becomes impossible to determine the actual sequence of events: the refrigerator seems to be constantly filled with the same food, but it never becomes completely full and never completely empty.

Performance:Andrey Ustinov | Camera:Andrey Ustinov | Video editing:Andrey Ustinov | Production:School of Arts and Design of Kassel |