Social Justice Art of the Twenties: vol. 1
by Jacqueline Amy Jackson
Noir – Artist Book by SU4IP
edited by Lyndon Watkinson
Collect Art Magazine, issue #31: Street Photography, Tbilisi / Georgia, 2023
Wings and a Prayer, anti-war poster for
Shy Plumber: Anti-War Journal of Art and Anti-Art, Issue III,  Helsinki – Berlin, 2022
Fort Da, by Anne von der Heiden. Sonderzahl Publishing House, Linz / Austria, 2022
CLEAN CUBE – Zur Kritik der reinen Vernunft by Jasmin Mersmann, Anne von der Heiden. Sonderzahl Publishing House, Linz / Austria, 2021
Workshop “Who’s Speaking? Polyphony in the Museum” Museum Academy Joanneum. Graz / Austria, 2018
ARTiculAction meets Andrey Ustinov by Josh Rider and Barbara Scott, ARTiculAction Art Review, October, 2016
Disruptive Film: Everyday Resistance to Power, Vol. 1 DVD, curated by Ernest Larsen Sherry Millner, Studio FACETS, 2016
Andrey Ustinov: Art belongs to vandals! Artist Talk on, Febrary 7, 2013
off topic #2: beschweren Magazine for media arts, KHM, Academy of Media Arts Publishing House 2010, Cologne / Germany