Genre:Internet performance | Digital | Year of creation:2020 | City/Country:Cologne / Germany |
Material:100 blindfolds, packaging and shipping material |

From April 20 to June 30, 2020, I was selling 100 face masks on Ebay. I’ve marketed them as face masks but they were in fact sleep masks which I bought for very little money over Ebay (0,99 € per piece). I re-packaged and re-labeled the masks, but otherwise left them unchanged. I was selling at the time current market price for face masks (9,99 € per piece). 100% of the proceeds from “face mask” sales went to Refugee Protection International. My gross overpricing of a cheap sleep mask was a capitalisation on the corona crisis. My ‘profit’ was a means to help the refugees in their desperate situation.

‘AFTERMASK’ is a word creation, a combination of the English words ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Mask’. ‘Aftermask’ means ‘a mask that arose from the ashes of calamity after all the other masks were sold out’.

Models:Andrey Ustinov, Renée Plotycia | Photography:Andrey Ustinov | Special thanks to:Andreas Meyer |