Zoom-in Walk

Subtitle:Walk vs Technology |
Duration:2 hours | Language:German | Equipment:smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 9, Canon photo camera, printer, A4 paper, tape | Software:Komoot App |

The walk replaced the zoom-in function of a photo lens by going from the original point of view to the center of the captured image. At the target point (which happened to be a warning sign), the originally seen image was attached as a photo. In this way, the starting point and the point of destination met in the same image, just as an experience when setting up of lenses: being able to take several viewing positions in the same time without changing one’s own geographical position.

Art Walk is a genre which no product creates, but a unique individual experience. An adequate representation of such experience is only conditionally possible. Photography is a medium that traditionally represents an individual experience. Zoom-in Walk is a project that reflects the interaction of a walk with the camera documenting it. Therefore, this installation is not an after-the-fact documentation of a walk, but an authentic form that represents a progression from the first image to the last one.

Latest Updates:

Installation:Andrey Ustinov | Camera:Andrey Ustinov | Production:Die Macherei Johannesstift Diakonie, Proclusio GmbH, Berlin / Germany |