Wings and a Prayer

Genre:poster | Year of creation:2022 | Publication:Anti-War Journal of Art and Anti-Art, Issue III | City/Country:Berlin / Germany |
Material:Google Map screenshot of Moscow, sticker | Dimension:155 mm x 75 mm x 7 mm |

Some surviving fragments of the Moscow Google Map cut out in the form of three randomly selected NATO aircraft models. The sticker covers the display of a dead smartphone.

The title “Wings and a Prayer” refers to the second world war era foxtrot song “Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer,” which was also translated and adapted in Russian with the title “Песенка американских бомбардировщиков”.

What a show, what a fight!
Yes, we really hit our target for tonight
Though there’s one motor gone
We can still carry on
Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer.

My contribution to the anti-war issue of the ‘Shy Plumber‘ art journal, Helsinki-Berlin.

Special thanks to:Renée Plotycia, Ilya Orlov, Matthew Cowan |