Power Plant

location: a forest within the Exclusion Zone of the former Chernobyl nuclear power station
material: photovoltaic-set (solar panel, solar battery, charge controller), concrete, electric fence energizer

A photovoltaic power station will be installed in a forest in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. It is to be situated within a forest clearing. The basics: A metal post (average tree high) with a solar panel on top, positioned in the centre of a square concrete slab (3x3m). An electric fence surrounds the base of the structure, with its pillars positioned at the four corners of the concrete slab. The solar panel stores solar energy in an accumulator. The energy is converted into electric current and powers the electric fence. The fence protects the system from wild fauna. The photovoltaic system supplies energy to the electric fence, the electric fence protects the photovoltaic system. The two elements create a closed circuit, a self-sustaining technological environment.



The electric fence does not exceed 12V, which isn’t dangerous for animals or humans. Coming into contact with the fence is painful but doesn’t cause physical or psychological harm.

concept Andrey Ustinov
sketches: © Szlomo Tarnaroutski, 2012
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