heart dance rock

Heart Rock

location: music club, concert hall, stadium
material: modified stethoscope, microphone capsule, speakers, audio amplifier, sound mixer, light flash device
participants: a music band (solo, bass, drums)

I will modify a common medical stethoscope: I will insert a microphone capsule into the inner cavity of the stethoscope, in close proximity to the diaphragm membrane, in order to transmit the sound of my heartbeat through the sound system. I will run a cable from the microphone inside the stethoscope and connect it to the sound system. The deep tones of my heartbeat will be exaggerated through an amplifier. The stethoscope will then be fixed to my chest near my heart. Once the microphone is plugged in, the subwoofer will start pounding the excited rhythm of my heartbeat.
My heart will play the drum!
I will concentrate on the rhythm of my heart and try to dance to it. The faster I will dance, the faster my heart will beat its rhythm. The faster it‘ll beat, the faster I‘ll dance. We will listen to each other. We will accelerate from each other. We will drive each other to the limits of possibility.
Musicians can catch the drumline up. The composition of the musical group can be different. For example: violinist takes the solo, guitarist takes the bass, and sahsofonist accompanies (variants: keybordist , flutist , pianist , and so on). They can jam and improvise. My heartbeat will activate strobe lights to add to the rock concert atmosphere. This will a live performance, an audience will be invited to rock, dance, bob, cheer, mosh, crowd-surf…
The performance will last as long as our hearts hold out….

The project is a further development of the project Heart Dance“:, that I made in Düsseldorf / Germany in 2010:

concept Andrey Ustinov
sketches: © Szlomo Tarnaroutski, 2012

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