Genre:video performance | Exhibiting institution:Media Art Forum | Year of presentation:2001 | City/Country:St. Petersburg / Russia |
Location:Art Center Pushkinskaya 10 | Material:black suit, white shirt, black tie, Old Testament, voice | Equipment:video monitor, VHS tape recorder, VHS player, VHS camera, headphones, microphone | Duration:6 hours |

A TV anchor reads the six-day creation story. There, he repeats his own spoken text, which he hears simultaneously through his headphones, which are connected to a rear monitor. This monitor plays a VHS tape where the same anchor is retelling the same text from an earlier recording. The current scene is recorded in the same way and is now played instead of the previous VHS tape. Now the anchor repeats the text from the last recording. And so it goes on and on. With each subsequent reading, the anchor makes small unintentional mistakes. These mistakes are then repeated again and again. On the top of that, there are coming the new ones. With each new performance, the mistakes multiply enormously until the original biblical text is no longer recognizable.

Performance:Andrey Ustinov | Camera:Yuri Popov | Curating:Nikolai Kononikhin |