Genre:performance, public intervention | Year of presentation:2002 | City/Country:St. Petersburg / Russia |
Location:M-Video Store | Material:white shirt, ears, voice | Equipment:TV, remote control, headphones, microphone, speakers, audio amplifier, mixer | Duration:6 hours |

The performer sat like a spiritual oracle on the floor of a large electrical goods store and reproduced with his voice every sound which he heard through the headphones connected to the TV set. Movies, news, music, advertising, every conceivable tones and noises were performed using his vocal talents. The visitors switched between the different TV channels with the remote controls for hours and enjoyed the unconventional spiritual session.

The project was sold to several electronics stores in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow as a promotion compagne where the alleged “promoter” was supposed to present the quality of various media devices on offer.

Performance:Andrey Ustinov | Video editing:Andrey Ustinov | Curating:Daria Pyrkina | Production:NCCA Moscow |