The Magic Lamp

Genre:multimedia installation | Exhibiting institution:KHM, Academy of Media Arts Cologne | Year of creation:2008 | City/Country:Cologne / Germany |
Material:office table, office chair, user guide, porn videos | Equipment:modified reading lamp, mini projector, laptop, internet connection | Dimension:180 x 90 x 120 cm | Weight:14 kg |

In the center of the room there is a desk. On the table stand a laptop and a desk lamp. The laptop seems unfolded backwards: half ajar, with rear side directed to the workplace. In this situation, the laptop is useless as a computer, but it will do as a handy book stand. So it is: a users manual for the laptop lies on the display with its cover open for reading. Instead of a light bulb, a small video projector is inserted in the lamp bowl. The projector is connected to the laptop. The laptop – to the Internet. The table lamp projects color porn videos from the Internet upon the black-and-white pages of the users manual.

Metalwork:Heinz Nink | Photography:Sebastian Fritzsch | Camera:Andrey Ustinov | Video editing:Andrey Ustinov | Advising:Julia Scher | Production:KHM, Academy of Media Arts Cologne |