Who’s there?

The performance was presented as an entrance examination for the course “Performances and installations” at the studio of Yuri Sobolev, in the Theater of synthesis and animation “Interstudio,” September 1997.

The purpose of the performance was the task to determe one’s own “self.” The action took place on a staircase platform of one of the apartment buildings in the town of Pushkin. A long rope was tied to door handles between two flats facing each other. I stood in the middle of the platform between the apartments, belted tight with the rope. With a long stick, I ringed both door bells. One of the residents tried to open the door, while another said: “Who’s there?” Strangled by pain, I cried, “I!”

In fact, worrying not to pass an entrance exam, I in advance persuaded the tenants, and put for the safety reasons a bicycle wheel over my belt. The performance was attended by Yuri Sobolev himself, and his students. Noticing the trick, the audience denounced me for manipulation. The entrance exam was not credited. Yet the originality and creativity were appreciated by the artistic counsel, and I received permission for an opportunity of a second attempt.

(Documentation of performance is not preserved.)