The Noisy Post

Genre:sound sculpture, public intervention | Exhibiting institution:ArtBatFest | Year of creation:2013 | City/Country:Almaty / Kazakhstan |
Location:Old Square Park | Equipment:monitoring microphone, a dome housing from a surveillance camera, three horn speaker, a traffic light button | Dimension:200 x 1000 x 200 см | Duration:two weeks | In-situ:10 meter high metal pole, old transformer booth, two open sockets |

At Old Square Park in Almaty (Kazakhstan) I found a 10-meter metal post, an old transformer box and two open power outlets fixed to the bark of a nearby tree. On the post I installed a hidden spy microphone encased in surveillance camera housing, three horn speakers and a pedestrian traffic light button. I attached a sound amplifier and a volume control knob to one wall of the transformer box. The entire system is supplied by one of the free outlets.

The horns transmit all sound within a 10-meter radius and the noise caused by the effect of feedback. When the pedestrian button is pressed, the noise stops. The system remains off while the button is being pressed. When the button is released, the Noisy Post continues its clatter.

Photography:Andrey Ustinov | Production:ArtBatFest |