Labyrinth for Dummies

Genre:walk-through sculpture, public intervention | Year of creation:2010 | City/Country:Cologne / Germany |
Location:Herculesberg (Monte Klamotte) | Material:Alluminium panels, building profiles, tent pegs | Dimension:200 x 200 x 150 cm |

The sculpture is a shortest fragment of labyrinth. It has an entrance, four turns and an exit. It’s a labyrinth for dummies. The work was illegally erected on Herkulesberg (Monte Klamotte) in Cologne, in a place which is established as a cruising area of the local LGBT scene. In three weeks, the hugely damaged sculpture was dismantled and transported away.

Participants:Florian Frei, Dolunay Gördüm, Alex Forre | Metalwork:Bernd Voss, Heinz Nink | Camera:Vera Drebusch, Adrián Villa Dávila, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Andrey Ustinov | Advising:Julia Scher, Marcel Odenbach, Mischa Kuball, Anne von der Heiden | Production:Academy of Media Arts, Cologne | Special thanks to:Lars Beuse |