07/6/18 – 22/06/18

The installation consists of footage and storyboard drawings for an unimplemented video project. The photograph shows a staff billposter tearing down poster layers. The clearing away of old posters is as much a part of the his job as the mounting of new posters. For him, as a Muslim and politically-minded individual who objects to many of the advertising images he comes in contact with, the process of tearing down a poster is not only part of his routine work, but also a subversive political gesture. Thus he transforms from a wage worker to an urban guerrilla fighter. I use these nightly (de-)posterings as the basis of my video work. In the film, the billposter will put up a poster depicting him tearing down posters. He’ll do this ten times. Finally, he will tear all ten posters down, layer by layer. 
My installation in Linz has two parts: at the opening on the 7th of June I performed the postering an image of billposter at work in poster-format on Kulturtankstelle’s front wall. The second part is a storyboard consisting of 30 B/W drawings outlining thunimplemented film.

 Here is a sample video shoot for a video project: