short film

PRO ARTE, Foundation for Culture and Arts

St.-Petersburg / Russia, 2002

original medium: mini-DV, 4:3, PAL
duration: 1 min.

A video-remake of an antique myth of Narcissus. A powerful stream of urine slowly fills the cavity of a white bowl. As soon as the source of urine dries up and the ruffled surface of the lake newly established comes to a welcome calm, upon its golden screen we recognize a shining face of the urinating person who is satisfied. The urinating person is quietly smiling at his beautiful reflection and utters a brief and gentle confession:
“I love you!”
At this point, the flush tank is opened and the flow of water falling down carries off the piss, and along with it the fragile image of its self-beloved creator.


performance, camera, movie: Andrey Ustinov
special effects: Yuri Popov
production: ProArte Institute, St. Petersburg / Russia