Say A

Kassel / Germany, 2006

technical equipment: Bluebox Studio, Studio monitor, Studio lighting, two mini-DV cameras, two tripods
original medium: mini-DV, 4:3, PAL
duration: 3.26 min.

A TV moderator is sitting against the tipical TV studio blue screen and says: “Ah.” The scene show unexpectedly moves deep into the screen, becoming only a studio screen broadcast in itself. A new scene appears in its place: a TV moderator uttering “Ah” against a blue background. This scene wanes inside the screen, again, being only a studio broadcast in a screen. This keeps going on, and the spectator becomes involved in the space of a never-ending media tunnel. Gradually, the time span between the loops shortens, the speed increases, and the “Ah” sounds become one “AAAAAhhhh” scream. The end of traveling along the tunnel is a view in the screen of a video camera shooting the scene. A view of a giant studio appears before us, in the middle of which, wearing a coat but no pants, the lonesome moderator is sitting, screaming, and lingering, and bursting in the camera.


camera: Bugis Corovic, Arne Witt
movie: Andrey Ustinov
production: School of Arts and Design of Kassel / Germany

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