Naked City


CityLeaks Festival

Köln, 2019

location: viaduct Huettenstrasse, Cologne-Ehrenfeld / Germany
material, technology: street posters, digital camera, wallpaper glue, printer, smartphone, internet
participants: Amy Cimerman, Inna Lipovets, Andrey Ustinov, Olga Funk

RECUT.CITY project has been developed during the “Naked City” workshop as part of the CityLeaks Festival Cologne. Exploring outdoor advertising on the Ehrenfeld streets, workshop participants cut out the pieces from particularly annoying posters and brought the pieces with them. All the cut-out poster pieces became fragments for a new poster, which was a summarizing collage of all them. Each fragment of the collage has been tagged with a QR code that forwards to the project website, namely the page of the corresponding poster. You can see on this page a photo of the damaged poster in its original urban context, its geolocation, and the personal statement of the participant who attacked this poster.



There are the cutters scattered on the city map, indicating the geolocation of each of the damaged posters, and a billboard icon in the middle. By clicking on the cutter icon, you will be redirected to the page of the corresponding poster. The billboard icon redirects you to the page with the image of the resulting collage.

Project website:
The collage poster was illegally placed on top of a regular advertising poster. It was destroyed by unknown on the next day, August 26.
The workshop took place on 24-25 August 2019.
Photos: Andrey Ustinov
Website: Yuri Popov
Production: CityLeaks Festival, Cologne / Germany
Special thanks to: Georg Barringhaus, Olga Funk

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