Labyrinth for Dummies

Cologne / Germany, 2010

Location: Herculesberg in Cologne-Ehrenfeld / Germany
Material: Alluminium panels, building profiles, tent pegs
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 150 cm

The sculpture is a shortest fragment of labyrinth. It has an entrance, four turns and an exit. It’s a labyrinth for dummies. The work was built illegally on Herculesberg in Cologne, and then it was in three weeks dismantled and transported away.

photo: Vera Drebusch, Andrey Ustinov
video: Adrián Villa Dávila, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Vera Drebusch
participants: Florian Frei, Dolunay Gördüm, Alex Forre
technical support: Bernd Voss, Heinz Nink
advisers: Julia Scher, Marcel Odenbach, Mischa Kuball, Anne von der Heiden
production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne
thanks to: Lars Beuse

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