WRO Center

Wroclaw / Poland, 2017

Location: entire area of the city of Wroclaw with surroundings enclosed in a square
Material: WordPress, Google Maps, PRNG “Mersenne Twister”

“Possible Rendezvous” is a web application that arranges appointments of two “random” anonymous persons. Each registered app user receives an invitation to rendezvous with any other random user, in a random place, at a random time. The combination (time/place/meeting partners) results algorithmically with the help of the pseudorandom number generator. App users have no control over the specifics. They can decide to accept the appointment or not, but if they so desire, the app will send them – at their own risk – on a journey towards obscurity.

The inspiration behind the name comes from Guy Debord’s “Theory of Derive”, more specifically from his concept of “possible rendezvous”, which are blind encounters arranged without previous knowledge of the person or meeting place:

“The subject is invited to come alone to a certain place at a specified time. He is freed from the bothersome obligations of the ordinary rendezvous since there is no one to wait for. But since this “possible rendezvous” has brought him without warning to a place he may or may not know, he observes the surroundings. It may be that the same spot has been specified for a “possible rendezvous” for someone else whose identity he has no way of knowing. Since he may never even have seen the other person before, he will be encouraged to start up conversations with various passersby. He may meet no one, or he may even by chance meet the person who has arranged the “possible rendezvous”. In any case, particularly if the time and place have been well chosen, his use of time will take an unexpected turn.”

Guy Debord, “Theory of Derive”, 1958

This application is a digital tool that makes the Debordian concept feasible.

* * *

The application was tested for the first time on November 19, 2017 during my workshop “(dis)appointment” in WRO-Center, Wroclaw / Poland.

Concept: Andrey Ustinov
Web design, programming: Yuri Popov
Footage: Ina Valentinova, Katarzyna Rębisz
Special thanks to: Magdalena Kreis & WRO Art Center, Wroclaw / Poland

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