video installation

Frankfurt am Main / Germany, 2005


original medium: mini-DV, 4:3, PAL
technology: digital editing, digital animation
duration: 1.00 min.

The A letter transforms into a railway track. On the rail, a screaming head is lying. The scream drowns in the rumble of the train. The scene with the head on the rail transforms into a picture of blue skies with a cloud floating in there. The cloud transforms into ASCII code: A! Finally, the ASCII code fills the whole screen, and the sky turns into a monotonous cobweb of “A”s. Then, the sky cobweb is torn down, and, followed with a scream, falls back to the track. THE END title is accompanied with the fading out rumble of the leaving train.


performance, editing, animation: Andrey Ustinov
camera: Levi Gendlin

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