Secondary Art

Secondary Art is art that goes unnoticed at first sight. More specifically, it’s an art of observing the process of it’s perceiving. To make the perception visible and/or hearable, I assemble image or sound-reproduction constructions out of context-specific components. These constructions become technical extensions of the natural senses. A heartbeat becomes a drum (Heart Dance), a mouth becomes a loudspeaker (Medium), ears become a TV antenna (The Mobile Séance).
Secondary Art is a recycling of overproduction. Each piece of art can be socially useful when it is made a public utility: an old telephone box transforms into a lantern (The Luminous Box), a broken solar fountain becomes a public outlet (Plug-in Fountain) and an artist’s piss becomes a movie screen (Narcissus).
Secondary Art is not inventive, it’s just a repetition of all the things artists do: performances, sculptures, short films, drawings, photography, video installations and site specific projects