Film Noir

site specific project

2017, Wroclaw / Poland


The installation will take place in an unused green space between Ulica Krakowska and Aleja Armii Krajowej. You can get the place by the tram route 5 and 3 or by the bus route 243 direction Księże Małe, stop on Aleja Armii Krajowej. Staying on the same street side, look for a lighting sign “FILM NOIR” under the viaduct and follow the arrows along the path. Don’t be frightened, go bravely into the darkness! It might be you will not always feel comfortable, but it’ll be for sure also not boring. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
You can go by yourself or you can also take a special tram by WRO Center. As announced in the program of the biennial, the tram (capacity: ca. 50 people) arrives at the venue around 21:00 and leaves the site at approx. 22:00.
To better navigate yourself use the public transport route planner and the map on Google:



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